Celfish Filaphingosine Barrier Cream (75ml)

Composition:  1 EA BOX 

                          100 EA Box in one carton box. 

Size of carton box: 58 x 40.5x 17

Weight of carton box: 11.147 kg 

 Effect: Skin barrier Strengthening 

              Restore irritated skin 

              Protects skin flora from dry environment 

             Provides Moisture and Nutrient to irritated skin barrier

1.  Membership

① The User shall apply for Membership by expressing his/her intent to agree to this T&C after filling out the form designated by the ‘Mall’ with Member’s personal information.

② The ‘Mall’ shall register all Users who apply for Membership in the manner stipulated in Clause ① unless the User is not engaged in one of the following issues:

 1. After the applicant has lost Membership for reasons indicated in Article 7 Clause ③, the applicant may acquire approval to re-subscribe for Membership three years after the loss of Membership.

2. Entry of false information or omission in the registration form.

3. If deemed that registering the User would present technical difficulties to the ‘Mall.’

③ Establishment of Membership becomes effective at the time that the Member receives the ‘Mall’s approval of Membership.

④ In due course of time, the Member shall update the ‘Mall’ with any changes to his/her account information through the methods of editing personal information.

2.  Payment Method

The method of payment for Goods and Services purchased through the ‘Mall’ may be selected from the following items. The ‘Mall’ may not collect any additional fees regarding payment for Goods and Services.


1. Account transfer through phone banking, internet banking, mail banking and others.

2. Card payment through prepaid card, debit card, credit card, and others.

3. Online bank transfer

4. Payment upon receipt

5. Mileage points or points offered by the ‘Mall’

6. Gift voucher contracted or approved by the ‘Mall’

3.  Returns & Refunds – 100% Money Back Guarantee / Shipping & Delivery Failure

① Returns – ‘Users’ have 30 calendar days to return an item from the date they received it. To be eligible for a return :

1. Item must be unused, unopened, and in the same condition that ‘Users’ received it.

2. Items must also be in the original packaging.

3. Receipt or order number of purchase must be present.

② Refunds - Once the ‘Mall’ receive ‘Users’ item, the ‘Mall will notify them that the ‘Mall’ have received their returned item and inspect it. If ‘Users’ return is approved, the ‘Mall’ will initiate a refund based on the original method of payment. (Please note that this Refunds article not pplicable to the Countries of ⑧)

③ Exceptions - Please, note that all clearance items are non-refundable

④ Shipping – ‘Users’ will be responsible for arranging and covering the shipping costs for returning their item. Shipping costs are non ­refundable.  If ‘User’s receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from their refund.

 Shipping Method & Delivery - Shipping cost is calculated by volume, weight and differs depending on the shipping method and destination country.

 Delivery Failure - If a parcel is returned to us because it was unclaimed, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs. MEDISANCE is not responsible for errors in delivery where the delivery address provided by the customer is wrong or where the customer has made changes during its transit.

⑦ Packages Suspended in Customs - Please note it is the responsibility of the importer (Customer) to know the rules and regulations of a country. If a package is stopped in customs, we advise you to contact your local customs office and either try to have the package released or reject it and have it resent to us. Once we receive the returned package we will either resend the package or issue a refund for the products.

⑧ CAUTION with Destinations : For those who have delivery destination for Middle/South American Region, China, Indonesia, Middle East Region, please contact us thru email or messenger.

4.  Privacy Policy

① The ‘Mall’ collects a minimum amount of information necessary to provide the services.

② At the time of applying for Membership, the ‘Mall’ shall not collect information needed for the performance of purchase contract in advance. But, in the case where personal identification is required before the performance of a purchase contract, a minimum amount of specified personal information 

is collected for the fulfillment of obligation in regards to relevant laws and legislation.

③ The ‘Mall’ shall obtain consent from User to collect∙use personal information by notifying User with the aim/purpose of collection∙use.

④ The ‘Mall’ shall not use the personal information outside their intended purpose. In the event of an uprising of a new use or when disclosing to third parties, the ‘Mall’ shall notify the purpose of use and obtain consent from User during the stage of use disclosure. But, there are exceptions for cases regulated in the relevant laws and legislations.

⑤ In the event that the ‘Mall’ is required to acquire the approval of User by Clause ② and ③, the ‘Mall’ shall specify its personal information manager (affiliation, name, phone number, other contact information), purpose of collection and use of information, information about Third Party (recipient, purpose of provision and the information to be provided), and the provisions stipulated in Clause ② of Article 21 of the 「Act on Protection of Information and Promotion of Utilization of Information and Communications Network」. The User may at any time cancel his/her approval.

⑥ User may, at any time, request for confirmation and correction of error in their personal information possessed by the ‘Mall,’ and the ‘Mall’ shall be responsible for taking any necessary measures without any delay. In the event that a User requests for the correction of an error, the ‘Mall’ shall not use the applicable personal information until error is corrected.

⑦ For protection of personal information, the ‘Mall’ shall limit the number of persons handling personal information to a minimum, and shall be responsible for any damages caused by loss, theft, leakage, falsification, and disclosure of personal information including credit card and bank account information to third parties without consent of the User.

⑧ The ‘Mall’ or any Third Parties who received personal information from the ‘Mall,’ shall without any delay destroy all personal information once the purpose of collection has been achieved.

⑨ The ‘Mall’ shall not have the agreement form regarding the collection∙use∙disclosure of personal information set to be filled out in advance. The ‘Mall’ must specify services that will be restricted if User does not agree to the collection∙use∙disclosure of personal information, and the ‘Mall’ shall not limit services or refuse to accept Membership applications on the basis of User’s refusal to agree to collecting∙using∙disclosing of personal information that do not include the collection of compulsory information.


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